Rebate FBS 90% Auto Transfer to Account every Monday!!

Welcome to 90% Rebate FBS is a FBS IB with Intoducing Brokers code:
(Open FBS Account with IB code: 14179710)
is a trusted FBS IB with return of trader spread the biggest in Asia, Your 90% rebate will be sent automatically to your account every Monday.

90% Rebate FBS registration guide

How to register Rebate FBS?
90% FBS Rebate is automatically transferred to your Trading Account every day, to get 90% FBS Rebate, Please follow the FBS account registration guide
① Register via our IB link
② Use your new email address and enter a name that matches your identity.
③ Make sure the "IB (Affiliate/Referal Code)" column is filled with "14179710".
④ After successfully opening an account, please verify your FBS account, if true, every time you open a new trading account, you will automatically set a 90% rebate!
What if you already have an FBS account?
① Open Personal Area.
② On the Dashboard, click on the trading account you want to Switch IB 14179710.
③ Please Disable Cashback.
④ Find the "Partner Attachment" section in the settings and click "exit IB".
⑤ In the pop-up window, you need to confirm the release from the previous Partner by clicking the "Yes, exit IB" button.
⑥ After that, click the "Connect" button again to enter a new IB ID.
⑦ In the pop-up window, you need to enter the Partner ID Number and press the "Connect" button again.
⑧ If all conditions are met, the account will be immediately re-attached to IB 14179710.

Please fill in the following form to confirm sending FBS rebate to your TRADING ACCOUNT every day within 1x24 hours after you close the order at least 5.9 pips.
Don't forget to fill in the rebate verification below:

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